Rupani Foundation USA works for Early Childhood Care and Development through a family & neighborhood centered empowerment approach addressing the whole person (children and adults).  We have strong faith that children are ambassadors of change and transformation in our future world. Investing in them today will positively change our tomorrow.

One Vision: Three Strategies

Direct Services

Early Childhood Development, Mental Health initiatives, and supportive services for the family, including Prenatal, Parenting, and Economic Empowerment programs are provided for disadvantaged families in the Greater Houston Area through extensive case management, coaching and navigational services.

Collaborative Strategies

A commitment to fostering collaborative efforts so every individual in our community has the same opportunity to access education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and environmental sustainability to achieve well-being.



To advance the Rupani Foundation’s work and mission through collaborations with coalitions and policymakers so that Early Childhood Development, Mental Health Care, and Economic Opportunities are accessible to all.



We Support

Quality Education & Sustainable Development Goals

Our Donors

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Rupani Foundation, Houston, USA,
8303 Southwest Freeway # 440,
Houston, TX 77074
Contact # 713-777-5059

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