In US and around the globe, Rupani Foundation works for Early Childhood Care and Development. We have strong faith that children are ambassadors of change and transformation in our future world. Investing in them today will positively change our tomorrow.

One Vision: Three Strategies

Direct Services

Pregnant mothers, parents, families and young couples from the low-income and disadvantaged population in Houston, Harris County, Texas will be served.

Collaborative Strategies

Rupani Foundation will partner with multiple entities and donors working for Early Childhood Development and Education to deliver components of the holistic model.


Rupani Foundation will endorse that Early Childhood Development and Education is need of every human child regardless of gender, language ethnicity or race.

We Support

Quality Education & Sustainable Development Goals

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Success Stories

June 9

Remote Mountain Communities of Afghanistan Planted 4.9 Million Trees

Local communities in 5 border districts of Badakhshan have planted over 4.9 million non-fruit trees under the Green Badakhshan Initiative. To establish these community forestry projects 345 kilometers of irrigation canals are constructed, 187 kilometers of access roads built and repaired. As a result of these projects, 2021 hectors of barren land has come under […]

June 9

The first mobile ECD center designed and introduced in Afghanistan

Think about a child that walks for three hours every day to school in the next village; instead every morning the school arrives to the kid’s doorsteps. This could be so wonderfully convenient for children and parents alike. That is exactly what Rupani Foundation, Afghanistan, has done. A mobile “Early Childhood Development-ECD” center is designed […]


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