Improving Socio-Economic Condition

Improving Socio-Economic Condition

Houston being the most populous city in Texas State is a poverty struck city affecting the settlers socially and economically. Hence, the challenges have been for everyone and particularly greater for at home mothers as they are excluded from economic opportunities. This led to the state of deprivation among women who were unable to attend any skills or training to improve their education and abilities to seek a job, due to being deprived of such facilities.

According to Census Bureau, around 24.60 percent of the total female population live below poverty level, whereas, 43% of the female population is unemployed and among them, almost half of the population that is 20,910 (47.80%) lives under poverty line. It also states that in Houston, 52% of female-headed households are poor.

Considering the alarming situation of unemployment caused by poverty, preparing underprivileged women to fight the poor socio-economic conditions through enhancing their skills had become a dire need of the time. Therefore, RF took the initiative of providing them with skill-based training as a solution to improve their lives. This would address the needs of both educated and the uneducated women, where, ECD training would be given to the former while basic literacy and vocational training to the later.

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