Vocational Tanning's for Women

Vocational Tanning’s for Women

Vocational Training is a much-needed initiative to tackle the poor socio-economic conditions of the women coming from underserved communities as they are deprived of access to such facility due to transportation, poor economic conditions, and unavailability in their vicinity. Considering the situation, RF initiated a project in which skill-based training is provided to low-income, migrants and refugee women helping them to generate and contribute to family income and improve their financial conditions by identifying the key challenges and needs of at home mothers, and particularly focusing their welfare, development, basic literacy and income generating activities to address their challenges.

Rupani Foundation has designed a community based vocational and skill development project to provide skills and enhance employability for women (mothers and caregivers) in selected neighborhoods in Southwest Houston. This project of intervention provides quality ECD training and essential ECD techniques to educated mothers while basic literacy and vocational training to uneducated mothers, at priority basis. Overall, it helps the underserved population to build lasting solutions to poverty through generating income and contributing towards an improved quality of life..

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