Improving School Readiness

Improving School Readiness


School readiness is the transition in a child’s life, which is usually referred to as “ready to learn” and is more important than just getting a child enrolled in an educational institute at an appropriate time. This is basically a stage where a child is trained from his/her early years in developing literacy skills, such as basic knowledge of math and reading, together with focusing on other domains of development. It is an important multi-dimensional concept which is said to determine academic success, attainment of higher education and securing employment earlier than the children who lag behind in achieving school readiness. This phenomenon also takes into account, the school’s readiness for the children, and families’ and communities’ readiness for school.

In the context of underserved families living in Houston city, the children are not much inclined towards education due to the poor socio-economic lives and parents being unable to afford quality education. Children in such families turn out to be low in literacy and other domains as well. In order to prepare these children for a better future by making them “ready to learn”, RF also works on improving school readiness in these children and their families alongside providing them with ECD services through various interventions.

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