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Nochepi is a spyware that attempts to collect information about users, e.g. surfing habits, friends, contacts, etc.
This information is then sent back to Nochepi’s C&C server, mainly to feed the collection of add affiliates or to sell the information on the black market.
Nochepi uses various methods for execution, most prevalent of which is social-engine based.
Nochepi also uses JavaScript.
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Multiple display modes available 
Aiming to reveal data transfer rates in the simplest manner possible, DU Meter places a resizable, transparent window on the desktop, similar to a desktop gadget. The application shows real-time graphs for the Internet speed and the LAN data traffic, while also providing more advanced tools to monitor active network connections and generate on-screen reports. Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports comprising incoming and outgoing traffic can be easily created.

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