The first mobile ECD center designed and introduced in Afghanistan


09 June 2018

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The first mobile ECD center designed and introduced in Afghanistan

Think about a child that walks for three hours every day to school in the next village; instead every morning the school arrives to the kid’s doorsteps. This could be so wonderfully convenient for children and parents alike. That is exactly what Rupani Foundation, Afghanistan, has done. A mobile “Early Childhood Development-ECD” center is designed and introduced in Wakhan. The mobile ECD center is established inside a lorry truck, which is smartened-up to function as ECD classroom. This ECD on the wheel is promoting early childhood care and education to children from birth to 3 and their mothers. The ECD truck is equipped with audio and video equipment’s, books and toys that are all carefully displayed for children. Three well-trained teachers teach children and their mothers through rhymes, songs and plays with colorful teaching aids in mix language of Wakhi, Dari, and English. The First mobile ECD in Afghanistan opened its door for children in June 2017. The mobile ECD center has expanded its program and provides, Early Childhood Education, Health and Hygiene Education, Environmental Education and Adult literacy There are many barriers to education in Afghanistan including insecurity, poverty, child work, lack of school buildings in remote areas, long walking distance to schools, and harassment of children on their way to school. Girls face many cultural and social constraints. The idea of a Mobile ECD Center was developed in this context to respond positively to many of these challenges.

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