Remote Mountain Communities of Afghanistan Planted 4.9 Million Trees


09 June 2018

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Remote Mountain Communities of Afghanistan Planted 4.9 Million Trees

Local communities in 5 border districts of Badakhshan have planted over 4.9 million non-fruit trees under the Green Badakhshan Initiative. To establish these community forestry projects 345 kilometers of irrigation canals are constructed, 187 kilometers of access roads built and repaired. As a result of these projects, 2021 hectors of barren land has come under irrigation and forestry cover. This is a major mindset shift for local people, who now consider tree plantation as valuable future assets for their rural communities. Green Badakhshan Initiative propagates native non-fruit trees including poplar, willows, and sea-buckthorn. The project intends to address local fuelwood, timber and fodder need as well as promoting household income through a green timber sale. The project works with local community village Shura and district development councils while targeting rural men and women. Forestry plantations help to prevent environmental degradation and enhance land productivity, improves water management, reduces soil erosion, and increases water retention. The project focuses on creating community forestry and agriculture assets and promotes their sustainable use. These assets are crucial for long-term livelihood and food security of communities.

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