Initiatives of ECD

Initiatives of ECD

Parent-Child Library At Ibn Sina Children’s Clinic:

RF has established a Parent-Child library at Ibn Sina Children’s clinic waiting area in collaboration with Collaborative for Children. This contains age-appropriate books and manipulative materials for children. It facilities positive parenting resources for parents and families both in English and Spanish as well.


Informed Parents

Parents are the primary role players in a child’s life. However, their role and responsibility do not only include the fulfillment of basic necessities that a child needs, rather the child also demands moral, emotional, and social support from parents as well, for a proper and holistic development. For this, the aptitudes and practices in families needed to be changed for improving conditions for children development. Therefore, RF’s Informed Parents aimed at this target. It is a unique program that reaches to the newly-wed couples, families, parents, and children. It does not focus only on upbringing the child but also creating harmony within the family to nurture the child from the prenatal stage to 3 years of age – the crucial early years of life.

The overall objective of this initiative is to empower parents for optimum development of their children and to set a pathway of lifelong learning through a timely rendering of information and support during the first three years. This program helps children to provide an active, positive and stimulating nurturing and grooming environment at centers. The activities are designed to contribute towards children’s holistic development at this early stage. In 2017, RF designed and started a program called Informed Parents (IP). IP is a unique program that empowers children, parents, mothers (especially), families and caregivers for optimum development of their children. RF provides free high-quality ECD services on weekly basis in three locations.


Parenting Education

RF strongly believes in “Home is the first school and Parents are the best teachers”, therefore, focuses on building parents’ capacity through pieces of training, improving and enhancing their parenting skills.


Prenatal sessions

RF staff conducts prenatal sessions for the pregnant mothers to raise awareness about pre and postnatal care.


Babysitting Facility

RF provides babysitting services to mothers with more than one child to ensure maximum participation.


Mothers’ group

Mothers’ group helps to ensure the community participation, create a sense of ownership and monitoring of the activities.

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