Strategy for Improving School Readiness

Rupani Foundation has been a pioneer in introducing and implementing the concept of Early Childhood Education to the communities, especially the ones deprived of access to quality ECD services. In Houston, there are families who either belong to low socio-economic backgrounds or are immigrants and refugees making them susceptible of depriving of basic facilities. All these factors not only affect the family on the whole, it puts an adverse impact on the child’s holistic development in particular.

In order to facilitate such families with ECD education and preparing their younger ones for a successful life ahead, RF strives to facilitate the children to enhance their language and literacy skills by ensuring the availability of learning material.As far as cognitive abilities are concerned, the children are encouraged through structured and informal activities to think, analyze, and solve problems. The children’s social skills are enhanced by encouragingthem on positive interactions with peers and adults. The parents are also supported by advising them about healthy nutrition and physical activities for their children, so that they arrive at school with healthy mind and bodies. Likewise,in order to encourage the involvement of families and caretakers, RF engages them in different activities.