Prenatal Education

Human brain starts developing soon after three weeks of conception. Although, the process continues throughout life, the brain is more impressionable in early years of life. On one hand this is a window of opportunity since young brain is more open to learning and on the other a great threat, if not nourished in proper manner. Majority of women coming to USA from developing countries receive less attention during pregnancy. Also, they lack basic awareness on health care, nutrition and hygiene essential both for pregnant mother and baby. Informed Parents enrolls women right from conception and provide information on a multitude of aspects regarding pregnancy. The key areas of concern are to ensure physical and mental health of both child and mother. The women are given assignments, puzzle games, IQ tests, physical exercises, health and nutrition advises to keep healthy term of pregnancy. These courses offer a free platform for women to share their personal experiences regarding complicated issues faced during pregnancy. At intervals, doctors are invited to interact with pregnant women and to discuss issues.