Parental Education:

Parental Education or Improved Parenting skills ensure remarkable development of a child in his/her early childhood. Therefore, RF focuses on improving parenting skills through its Informed Parents program. Informed Parenting is a target oriented and customized program which apprises parents of children less than three years. In accordance with latest research and day care disciplines, this home-based program engages parents in building robust and positive parenting skills and aims to provide intensive care for infants and toddlers through playing, talking, reading, and other measures with an objective to nurture a non-violent behavior and creating the fundamental consciousness in children. The staff and volunteers teach the methods to meet the parenting challenges by providing information and creating a situation where parents can understand at the best level.

Under this program, the children are monitored by a holistic vision to explore and enhance their hidden potentials and to introduce new capacities if anything is lacking, essentially with the involvement of the parents and caregivers.