Mobile Early Childhood Development:

For marginalized segments of Southwest Houston where there has been no access to ECD services in the past, Rupani Foundation has introduced an innovative concept of Mobile Early Childhood Development MECD or ECD on Wheels. This initiative is being implemented to reach these communities and provide them with high quality-low cost ECD services at their door steps.

This purposeful initiative not only aids in developing the understanding of families and the communities in their neighborhood regarding the benefits of early interventions in the “Brain Development,” it also engages young people for making informed choices when it comes to the decision of having pregnancy, and thereby, understanding of having smarter and healthier babies. The Foundation, hence, desires for transformation which means that every child from conception to age of two and half years, receive a holistically designed intervention reaching out to physical and emotional environment around a pregnant mother, and to all children up to age of 3 years creating a healthier and smarter children cohort to begin with.