Initiatives of ECD:

I. Informed Parents

Parents are the primary role players in a person’s life. However, their role and responsibility does not only include the fulfillment of basic necessities that a child needs, rather the child also demands moral, emotional, and social support from parents as well, for a proper and holistic development. For this, the aptitudes and practices in families needed to be changed for improving conditions for children development. Therefore, RF's Informed Parents aimed at this target. It is a unique program that reaches to the newly-wed couples, families, parents and children. It does not focus only in upbringing the child but also creating harmony within the family to nurture the child from pre-natal stage to 3 years of age - the crucial early years of life.

The overall objective of this initiative is to empower parents for optimum development of their children and to set a pathway of lifelong learning through timely rendering of information and support during the first three years. This program helps children to provide an active, positive, and stimulating nurturing and grooming environment at centers. The activities are designed to contribute towards children's holistic development at this early stage.

II. Family Involvement for Child Development (FICD)

Family Involvement for Child Development (FICD) aims at transforming healthy and smart communities where all children realize their full potential with respect and dignity. FICD is a Montessori-based ECD project for children aging from 3 to 5, which creates an opportunity for parents to play an active role in their child’s healthy nurturance and prosperous well-being during a child’s formative years when his/her brain is still developing and he/she is most ready to internalize new concepts.

Based on the findings of the baseline survey including mothers’ focused group discussion, and through extensive literature review, RF decided to initiate a “Family Involvement for Child Development (FICD)” as a pilot project in three targeted neighborhoods in Houston. The residents in these neighborhoods are either immigrant families or having a low socio-economic background.

This project also empowers and prepares parents for the development of their child by increasing their knowledge regarding ECD and parenting skills. Furthermore, it works with parents to create a safe and positive parenting environment at home as well as engaging themselves effectively in regular literacy activities with their children.