Our Background

Rupani Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization founded by Mr. Nasruddin Rupani, a philanthropist and renowned businessman in gold and diamond in USA, empowering marginalized communities of South Asia, Central Asia and USA.

Ever since its inception in 2007, Rupani Foundation has undergone various stages of organizational development. There have come vicissitudes and challenges in its journey, but the organization has continued its welfare operations with its full temperament and pace. The organization has been successful in making its place among the well reputed development organizations working in the region on Skill Development and Early Childhood Development.

Under Skill Development component which is an initiative that was carried out in Pakistan, Rupani Foundation focused onstone masonry also;sector other than gems and jewelry. By now, Rupani Foundation now has its key role in advancing the cause of Early Childhood Care, Education and Development as well. The organization has expanded into the southern region of Pakistan – Sindh. The Foundation is known as a vital proponent of ECD, not only in the limited areas of intervention, rather in entire Pakistan, United States of America, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.